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Allerx mattress cleaning systems work

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This is how the AllerX mattress cleaning & sanitzing system works
 The AllerX mattress cleaning & sanitizing method of chemical free disinfecting is proven in the medical field. Nothing but cold hard FACTS! It is the easiest and most effective way to control allergens inside a mattress and it doesn't take long to demonstrate this. Guarantees, testimonials and proven facts speak volumes on your behalf. And as our existing operators at test, these tools make getting your business a quick and simple process. The hardest work has been done! The operation of the equipment is simple and creates neither extreme noise or dust problems. It is not dangerous to humans or animals and the mattress may be left on the bed frame during cleaning.

House dust mites are not restricted to the mattress. Their health-threatening dropping excrement can be found in carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture,curtains and soft toys. With AllerX you are equipped to clean and sanitize all these areas.

Getting new customers is known to be up to six times more expensive, than  servicing existing ones. By providing a more  comprehensive service, you can be on the 'right' side of this statistic. As you will discover, only the AllerX mattress cleaning systems as been designed with this in mind.



Millions of people need and want your service! The ALLERX Mattress cleaning and sanitizing system, gives you a way to a quality, lucrative service that keeps people happy and talking to all their friends and families. Did you know that referrals can generate up to 60% of your business? You and your clients will be happy that you're not risking your health with dangerous chemicals. Enjoy the convenience of a mobile device that can get the job done anywhere! After having great success in many parts of the world, now is your chance to 'get in'on the action! Capture your share of the market with minimal outlay and start enjoying an easy to operate, cash generating business.

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