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              These are genuine referrals from Aller-X customers

AllerX mattress cleaning customer references

Iona Collage Brisbane /Australia
AllerX recently undertook the vacuum cleaning of 123 mattresses at the College's Outdoor Education Centre at Peregian Beach on the Sunshine Coast. These mattresses  both foam rubber and inner spring, had not been cleaned since the Centre's inception in 1994. Over the three-year period, they had received plenty of use from the visits of our 1200 male students and other outside groups. Our caretakers have noticed a vast improvement in the condition of the mattresses following the treatment by allerx. One asthmatic visitor to the Centre mentioned that she had experienced her best night sleep in years on the newly cleaned mattresses. We are most satisfied with the work provided by AllerX and would happily use the company's services in the future.
Yours sincerely
Mr. D.M Fitzpatrick

Stuartholme School /Brisbane Australia

Dear Sir/Madam
Thank you for coming to our School at the beginning of the year to perform the service of cleaning all mattresses in our Boarding School. Hygiene, of course, is a major concern to us, hence our reason for contacting you to eliminate the dust and dust mites and other disease carrying and spreading materials in the mattresses.
The service provided was very efficient and courteous.
Yours sincerely T.P Boulton

To whom it may concern
For the past two years I have being using the service of AllerX and in that time found things to be very beneficial to the members of my family. I have a 10 year old son who has been an asthmatic since he was two, since using AllerX to clean his mattress and pillow on a regular basis I have found a great improvement in his condition and using the puffer
only twice in two years. My Husband who is a chronic asthmatic since he was 13 years old and using the puffer at least 5 to 6 times a day, has cut this down to only using it once at night. I would recommend using the services of AllerX to anyone wishing to improve there quality of life as our family has found.
Yours faithfully
Sonya Milligan  Brisbane/Australia

Tracy Aged Care  Western Australia
To whom it may concern
As a bonafide customer of AllerX mattress cleaning , I have no hesitation in recommending both the process and the products of the hyper allergenic cleaning systems and mite clean to potential customers. As it can be appreciated , it is important that Aged Care Facilities maintain a high standard of both hygienic and cleanliness , Especially for those prone to allergies or experiencing breathing difficulties. It was or those reasons AllerX was contracted to undertake the cleaning and treatment of mattresses, pillows, and drapes. I am please to report that we are more than satisfied with the outcome and intend to continue using the treatment process in the future.
Yours faithfully
Ms P. Fitton

North Quay Hotel Brisbane
To whom it may concern
Our Hotel recently undertook the task of changing one of our smoking floors to non-smoking due to the high demand for non-smoking suites. I requested the services of AllerX to help with the task as they provide such a unique service and was ideal for a task such as this. The service AllerX provided was very efficient and effective in eradicating the dust mites, dirt and smoke odours in our mattresses, curtains and soft furnishings and without any interruption to the hotel.
Both myself and management are very happy with the result and we now have smoke free and allergy free Suites for our Guests.
Yours sincerely
Penny Harrison

Novotel  Australia
To whom it may concern
We wish to confirm that the Novotel Atrium Darwin is currently using the services of AllerX in the maintenance of our mattress and soft furnishings. The AllerX application ensures that the standard of our smoke-free rooms and the elimination of any dust particles that may cause Guest discomfort is attained.
We are most satisfied with the services of AllerX, we have found the process to be quick, efficient and is able to be scheduled with no interruption to the Guests or Hotel services.
Yours faithfully
Buddy Byrd

The Waterloo Bay Hotel Motel Brisbane
To whom it may concern
Recently we requested the services of AllerX to clean our Motel room bed mattress. We are very pleased with the result and very pleased with the service professionalism of AllerX.
Yours faithfully
Graeme Kovalevsky

To whom it may concern
I am extremely pleased to place on my record my complete satisfaction with the work of AllerX cleaning.
My two bedroom flat had become infested with grizzly bitey things that were driving me mad. I had tried Baygon , I had tried insect killer, and what seemed like everything else that you can buy off the shelf. Nothing worked . I was really reluctant to use anything which contained toxic chemical substances as was my flat mate.
So I finally contacted AllerX cleaning I had heard about this new treatment and was desperate to give anything a try , I was particularly interested because the treatment is organically based.
Well , it worked! Completely!
Two weeks later and I have not had one bite since. I have no hesitation in recommending the treatment to others. Living in the N.T has all kinds of joys putting up with bugs is NOT ONE of them.
Yours faithfully
Cassandra Goldie Australia

After months of continuos coughing as soon I lay down to sleep, endless visits to Doctors taking antibiotics and using nose spray.One Doctor suggest a dusty mattress. The mattress being over 10 years old, I turned to check out the mattress Companies in the yellow pages and saw the AllerX Ad. After talking to you about my lack of sleep and despite being a major Public Holiday weekend, I was fitted in and had my mattress, Pillows and Carpet promptly cleaned. I was amazed, from that night I was relieved of my nightly coughing and with regular cleaning from AllerX I have continued to sleep well for the last 2 Years. I will certainly continue with your services and recommend it to others as it has saved me hundreds of Dollars in buying a new mattress and in Doctors bills.

Yours Faithfully  P.Bavers Brisbane

I wanted to write this letter to update you on how my son is going.When I wrote last time in 1999,we had noticed a considerable improvement in him and he no longer needed to use his puffer.It is now over 4years and he still has not used his puffer.We are very pleased we found the Aller-X company and are very pleased with the thourghness of the service you provide to your customers.I hope more children like my son,will have the chance to live without puffers.Thank you Ulla,we look forward to you servicing our home when it is due again.

Your faithfully Mrs.T.Dixon

To  Allerx Australia,

Many years ago you offered to clean my mattress, I decided to have the job done.  You cleaned my mattress on a Saturday morning and explained to me the complete system and it's operation. Since having my mattress cleaned, I have not suffered from the hayfever which haunted me for many years.  Previously, I was taking up to one packet of anti-histamine per fortnight.  After seeing what was in my mattress it is quite clear to me how the damage was caused.
Recently my wife and I had a brief holiday and the symptoms of my hayfever reappeared after sleeping in a bed that had not been treated by the Aller-X mattress cleaning System.  This system is so impressive, my wife and I embarked on a new business path to compliment our already established car detailing business.
We have had a fantastic response in a short amount of time and it is a pleasure to be able to offer this service to the public.
Thank you for your help and guidance, you are always only a phone call away and always willing to give your support.  We really appreciate this type of service when starting a new venture.
Look forward to great business in the future."

Yours sincerely,
Allergy Mattress Cleaning
Australia QLD 

                                Also Resorts & Fire-Stations

 that have used the AllerX Cleaning System with the Chemical free AllerX dustmite spray. 

 Agent for AllerX Mattress Cleaning Systems has recentley completed treatment on all our units at River Sands.
The result has been that we can now confidently let our units to holiday makers in the knowledge that they are dust mite free and kind to persons with allergies to dust related complaints.
The service has been efficient and courteous with the minimum of disruption to routine.
I can recommend them to any complex considering their spring clean before the Christmas Holidays.
Yours Sincerely
Rosalind Miller


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