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Business Opportunity

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Now that you understand the problem,you can become a part of the Solution. 

Unlike conventional business models, you have the freedom to set your own prices. How can you benefit from this? Payment methods, Joint Ventures, Barter deals... you can use the flexibility to your advantage in many different ways. Whether it be large contracts you choose to specialize in, customized household packages you create or an exchange for a business Joint Venture, flexiblity is key when you want the the best in business.


What about clients, advertising, creating the business?


Only with AllerX mattress cleaning systems  will you benefit from results proven advice in Marketing, Lead Generation and Deal Structuring. Everything you need to know and use to make money in this business is laid out like a field of diamonds ready for the harvest!


Believe it! Not only do you have the best results, technology and systems on your side, your cashflow can grow without the frustration of ongoing fees and royalties!


Ask anyone you know who owns their own business. Getting started can be risky!  Most people ask themselves "do I have enough saved up to support myself before I start to turn a profit?" Everyone has bills to pay, and what would happen if your income just stopped? In a perfect world so would the bills but not in reality! 


So what if there were a way to reduce that initial risk? 


Your AllerX Mattress cleaning & sanitizing business allows you to start making money before you stop or change whatever you're doing now. You can operate the business part time so there's no nerves of where the money will come from while you get started. And before you know it, the cash starts flowing in! 


You can be reassured, our system is highly successful worldwide. More than 30% of the owner-operators own more than one AllerX mattress cleaning systems. With the flood gates of potential wide-open, there is nothing stopping you from doing the same.



Are You Working More Than 6 Hours Per Day?

If So, Are You Earning A Six-Figure Income For Your Efforts?

Because if you're not, change your financial destiny and register your interest today! Apart from the millions of households in desperate need of your service, there are still mattresses to be cleaned at Hotels, Motels, Boarding Schools, Backpacker Hostels, Age Care Establishments, Appartments, Army Camps, Overnight Trains, Boots,Schoolcamps and other places where mattresses are used by a succession of people who are suffering. You are not limited to the domestic market alone.


Something For the Entrepreneur.....

Imagine two months from today:

Your income has never been higher, you have more time to enjoy your family and friends, those bills are taken care of and that new car is a daily reminder of your wise decision. To make things even more exciting, that house is only a few months away... but you're not quite satisfied...

"What if", you think to yourself, "I could build this business even further?" You know there are still thousands of people close by in need of your help and imagine servicing them as well? You invest in a second system and consider applying what you've made work before, but this time with the new market. You're a bit nervous and just for a second you think, "what if it's different from when I started? what if it doesn't work?" Then you realise the results you're already getting and think back to the first time you were nervous...

You Go For It! and nine months later your thinking about a fifth machine... but you think to yourself "what if...?" You laugh and smile to yourself... who could have thought that email would change your life forever!!!   





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