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There are very few companies with a track record as long as AllerX mattress cleaning systems  if you decide to start your own dealership you can feel reassured that by using the AllerX® system you are joining a company with a long pedigree in providing a high quality service and product.

Are you looking for a red-hot opportunity

 in a booming industry? Read on to learn how AllerX mattress cleaning systems can help you and how people just like you are cashing in on the hidden potential of an exploding industry with the most advanced mattress cleaning package in the World.


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Why should I join the AllerX mattress cleaning systems team?

If you're looking for a leveraged business that gives you cash flow as well the time to enjoy your lifestyle, then this is the business for you. Read on to discover how you can be your own boss, set your own hours and enjoy the lifestyle of a cash flow business. Everyone is telling us the future is in the next trillion dollar industry (the health industry)! But where's the sense in low profit margins, high overheads and depending on recruiting others for your own success? Today's media is constantly educating your potential customers, on the importance of keeping healthy and how this can be achieved.

The future is in your hands.

About the System



The new features were designed to provide a total safety package together with system improvements for the operator.

  • The radiation delivery system has seen the reflector reshaped to deliver a wider range of intensified radiation.
  • The base trim is now one piece and designed with no exposed metal edges.
  • Up-dated electrical wiring is a major safety factor.
  • Improved carry cases - an option of  2 model  

The long handle enables the operator to sanitize carpets and rugs, generating an additional income as well as supplying a more complete service to the customer.



·        The new radiation delivery system with its wider range and radiation means less time is required in sanitizing mattresses, pillows an soft furnishings


·        The newest machine is lighter than most machines on the market.


Now that you know --- it’s time to act !


Our price is the best worldwide, well below the price of our main competitors.



What about support if I'm not paying fees? 

You can expect comprehensive support in getting your business pumping. A proven, tested and fully supported system will give you the chance to achieve business success with the lifestyle to go with it. Ever tried to think outside the square when you're stuck in a box? With Aller-X mattress cleaning systems  you're not restricted to an area. Grow beyond imagination with a genuine, No Limits business


"We present the facts as they are as we believe and work to the old adage of
“TRUTH in BUSINESS”---no frills or confusing statements".
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