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Attention allergy sufferers: massacre your mites!
It is well documented , and acknowledged internationally, that the presence of  dust mites in homes is directly responsible for numerous respiratory illnesses and even skin diseases. One of these ailments , asthma , is increasing at an alarming rate among children world wide and is causing wide spread concern. Many studies have been undertaken to eradicate mites from bedding and carpets in particular. Up till now none have provided more than a temporary solution to the problem. Aller X Australia have come up with  a proven solution:
The principle problem in dealing with house dust mites is that they are  not insects and cannot be killed with insecticides , however we at Aller X have a relative inexpensive miticide called Aller X mite clean acarosan with has been in use for other medical conditions (scabies) for generations and it is known to be harmless to humans and animals.This product will kill mites on contact and will keep on doing so for a period of up to six months.This will of course only tackle half the problem. To eradicate mites completely from bedding and carpets the mites must not only be killed but their excrement extracted as well which is only possible with the Aller X mattress cleaner.
Allerx uses a dry and chemical free cleaning process. The equipment's operation is simple and causes neither noise nor dust. It is not dangerous to humans nor animals. Mattress may be left in bed frames during cleaning.
Shown here is a glass full of dust mite excrement extracted from one single sized mattress

Using the Aller-X mattress cleaner

Medical EXPERTS tell us that by desolving these excrement's in water

and consuming it is not as harmful as breathing it in 8 hours a night

Night after Night